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CC8 Available Confections from Flavor Burst


The FB CC8 System

FB  CC8-08

Provides the only ONE-STEP process to blend CANDY & confections into soft serve CONES! It gently blends ingredients into soft serve or shake as it is dispensed into either a cup or cone with ease, so even a child-size portion is now possible. Unlike conventional methods, blending occurs evenly throughout the product, which naturally just adds to your customers' satisfaction.

FB CC8-08 Shown with Taylor C708

Highly Recommended Accessories

Cooling Hood for CrunchiCreme Machines

Cooling Hood for  CrunchiCremeIn many food service establishments, the ambient temperature can fluctuate greatly. We have found that to optimize the consistency of the ingredients within the CC8 machine, it is necessary to keep the candies cool and dry. Therefore, we have developed a cooling hood that sits on top of the candies.

With this cooling hood, it is possible to keep the candies at an acceptable temperature even in an ambient temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) This is accomplished without the need of a compressor or coolant.

Installation Reference Guide

Candy Chopper for CrunchiCreme MachinesCandy Chopper for CrunchiCreme Machines

By popular request, we have designed a heavy-duty candy chopper that has the ability to chop candies, cookies and various nuts. The chopper was designed with a custom-made motor for high throughput chopping. The product it produces meets the specifications required for ingredients in the CC8 machine

Installation Reference Guide