Flavor Burst™ Frozen Cocktails

Flavor Burst™ Frozen Cocktails Flavor Burst is not only the ideal companion for your slush freezer -- but it's also capable of revolutionizing frozen cocktail operations using our innovative blending mechanism to inject concentrated flavorings throughout the finished product! It attaches to many popular slush freezers, like the Taylor Model 430 or 428, serving 8 or more cocktail flavors -- from a single alcoholic base mix with no additional blending!

Enjoy a variety of premium flavors like Strawberry, Green Apple, Tropical Orange, Classic Cherry, Raspberry, Pina Colada, Blueberry, Black Cherry, Mango... plus many popular flavor combinations!

What about the ‘alcoholic base’ incorporated? Flavor Burst Company does not produce or distribute any alcohol for this program, but many off-the-shelf mixes or house mixes will work with the concept. In addition, Flavor Burst Company also offers a neutral base product that may be mixed with alcohol(s) to enhance performance of the base used for the program.

Check out some of our recommended formulations using the links below -- each recipe may be adjusted to suit your needs or personal preference, of course. Contact us today for more information and 'mix it up!' with the Nice Ice program from Flavor Burst Company!

Taylor 428 & FB 80STaylor 428 & FB 80S

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