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Flavor Burst™ Nice Ice™ Shakes

Taylor 428 & FB 80SWould it surprise you to find that operators can serve 8 or more flavors from a single shake mix-- with no additional blending? What if it were also possible to combine flavors within the system? With Flavor Burst equipment, operators can let the imagination soar with both advantages!

Taylor 428 & FB 80S

Taylor 428 with Flavor Burst Shake Machine

Shown with POP 6093D Backlight

Enjoy sensational flavor selections like Chocolate Swirl, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Tropical Orange, Mocha Cappuccino -- or add combinations for flavors like Wild Berry, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Mint and many other wonderful creations.

Choose from several equipment models (standard FB 80S shown at right) to compliment a wide variety of freezers and create your very own shake center!

Flavor Burst FB  80S Machine
FB 80S System

The concept that revolutionizes soft-serve flavoring is shakin ' up the industry once again...

Introducing the FB 80S shake/slush flavoring system from Flavor Burst! This revolutionary new system incorporates an innovative blending mechanism that injects concentrated flavorings throughout the finished product. It attaches to most major shake/slush freezers, like the Taylor model 430 or 428. Now operators can serve eight or more flavors from a single mix -- with no additional blending! A four flavor serving is also available. Flavors can be layered for multi-flavored servings.


FB 44SMX System

The MX equipment series was first releFB 44SMX Systemased in June of 2003 with the ability to service two barrels. The FB 44SMX model allows for two barrels of frozen drink mix (shake, slush, etc.) to be flavored, whether on a dual-barrel machine or on separate machines.



FB 44CMX SystemFB 44CMX System

The MX equipment series was first released in June of 2003 with the ability to service two freezer barrels. The new FB 44CMX model is an ideal compliment to combination freezers with both soft serve and shake flavoring output. It can also attach to two separate single barrel freezers. Produce 4 flavors of soft serve and 4 flavors of frozen beverages, plus the ability to combine multiple flavors in each serving!

Divide and conquer with the MX series from Flavor Burst Company.


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