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Flavor Burst™ Nice Ice™ Slush Flavor Burst is now the ideal companion for your slush freezer! The revolutionary Flavor Burst frozen beverage systems use an innovative blending mechanism to inject concentrated flavorings throughout the finished product.

Choose from several equipment models to enable many popular slush freezers, like the Taylor Model 430 or 428 shown at right to serve 8 flavors plus flavor combinations from a single base mix with no additional blending!

Enjoy a variety of premium flavors like Strawberry, Green Apple, Tropical Orange, Classic Cherry, Raspberry, Pina Colada, Blueberry... or combine flavors within the system for even greater variety. Direct injection kits are now available as an optional accessory to adapt our slush systems to many popular freezers and FCB machines.

Slush, Italian ice, frozen coffee, frozen cockTaylor 428 & FB 80Stails and now FCB -- why wait? Flavor Burst could be your formula for success!

Taylor 428 & FB 80S Shown with POP 7026D Backlight

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