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Taylor Autoship Program:
Contact the parts department today for all the details.

Please call Rick Wallace or Bill Baxter at 770-458-5546 ext. 2710 for Taylor parts.

Need to find a part for your Taylor Model? Download your Taylor Freezer Operating Manual, open using Acrobat Reader and go the last few pages to find a list of Taylor parts and their descriptions.

Contact List Taylor Freezer Sales Company.

Genuine Taylor Parts

Taylor Freezer Sales Department
Serving Georgia and South Carolina

Taylor Freezer Sales Company of Georgia, Inc.New Equipment Sales: Please contact Kim and she will get you to the correct sales people for Georgia or South Carolina. Inquiring about which machine is best for you? We are here to help you make the right equipment choices. Also take a look around on our website for more information.

Please call Kim Stephens at 770-458-5546 ext. 2229 to purchase new equipment. 

Contact Taylor Freezer Sales Company.

    All manuals and Material Safety Data Sheets are viewable using Acrobat Reader. Click link below if you need to download the FREE viewer.

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