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It’s not news that people like to have their dessert and eat it, too. That adage extends to smoothies, which are expected to pack a nutritious punch but also taste good.

Operators can show consumers that the concepts of taste and health aren’t mutually exclusive. Businesses that sell smoothies, whether they’re a large national chain, an independent shop or a mobile operation or kiosk, can promote good-for-you varieties that offer more healthy ingredients and fewer indulgent recipes.

With simple adjustments, many smoothie recipes can be altered to cater to the hottest trends. Operators can add superfruits, antioxidant rich juices and nutrient enhancements to existing recipes, as well as take away less optimal ingredients such as bases that are high in fat and sugar.

Taylor made Strawberry SmoothieSome examples:

Watermelon-yogurt smoothie: Combine a low-calorie fruit and a high-calcium, lower-fat and probiotic-rich dairy product.

Tropical fruit smoothies: Intense flavors without the calories and a chance to spotlight bold ethnic flavors.

Berry frozen smoothie: Antioxidant rich berries, combined with creamy frozen yogurt or soft serve frozen yogurt, appeal to a wide cross-section of consumers.

Bringing New Ideas to the Operator

Smoothie operators can maximize sales opportunities by choosing other complementary foods to offer their customers at different dayparts.

Maximize All Dayparts: Muffins, scones and other bakery items go well with smoothies, while later in the day, menus may include sweets like cookies (including nutritious cookies that pack fruits and nuts) and savories, like prepared sandwiches, wraps or salads.

Foods that complement smoothies can also be promoted on a seasonal basis. Hot oatmeal, for instance, is enticing during the chillier months, while blueberry-lemon muffins, salads and other summertime fare can boost warm weather offerings.

On the flip side, operators who sell certain foods may enhance their business by adding smoothies to their menus. Smoothies lend themselves to a variety of concepts, from sweet shops to lunchtime hotspots and breakfast eateries. Additionally, organic and natural foods restaurants and stores offer a great platform for smoothies because their consumers take pride in knowing they are eating a healthy product.

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